Curbside Pickup Starting May 12, 2020

Birchard Public Library of Sandusky County Curbside Pickup FAQ 

Q. When does curbside Pickup Start?

A. Tuesday, May 12, 2020


Q. When can I return my borrowed material?

A. One can return Library items except for Mobile Hotspots at any time.  Please place all library items to be returned, except for Mobile Hot Spots, in the book return. Please return Mobile Hot Spots starting May 12 at the door by ringing the doorbell or knocking.


Q. Where do I return my books?

A. The Book Drop


Q. How Does Curbside work?

A. During this time, all Birchard Public Library branches will be offering pickup services of in-house items to patrons. Pickup services will be available to the public at the following times:

Main Library:   Mon.-Thurs.  9 AM – 7 PM

                       Fri. 9 AM – 5:30 PM

                       Sat 9 AM – 3 PM


Branches:       Mon & Wed: 12PM – 7:00 PM

                      Tues. 9 AM – 5:30 PM

                      Thurs. 12 PM – 5:30 PM

                       Fri. 12 PM – 4:00 PM

                       Sat: 10 AM – 3 PM


 To place an order, call the Main Library at 419-334-7101, Woodville at  419-849-2744, Gibsonburg at 419-637-2173, Green Springs at 419-639-2014


Please allow approximately 30 minutes for staff to locate, bag, check out, and place your name on order. An order may contain a maximum of 5 items or a grab bag. When you arrive at the Library during business hours, please call the Library again to notify the staff that you are there to pick up your materials. Staff will then set your bagged items outside the door for you to pick up. 


Please maintain the social-distancing standard of six-feet. 

 If you have a question or problem, please call the Library as you will not be permitted in the building. 

If you do not have a phone, please knock on the door or ring the doorbell and step back so we can speak with you.

 Library Staff will be available during open hours to assist you over the phone and provide reference services.

Please note: Please return all items in our book drop. Returned items will be held in quarantine for 5 days.


Q. If I call in for curbside pickup, when can I pick them up?

 A. You may pick your items up approximately 30 minutes after they are ordered unless the order is placed within 30 mins of closing.  If an order is placed within 30 mins of the library’s closing time, one will need to pick up the following day.


Q. What items can I check out for curbside pickup?   

 5 individually requested titles  OR  a grab bag of 10 similar items (i.e. - 10 DVD's, 10 paperbacks, 10 picture books, 10 readers, 10 magazines, etc.).  Only items currently at our Library will be available for immediate pickup.


Q. If I put a physical item on hold when can I expect to receive it?

A. Holds can only be placed for physical items owned by the Birchard Public Library system.  At this time, we are unable to place holds or receive items owned or held by other library systems. 


Q. If I put a hold on a digital item when can I expect to receive it?

A. You will need to look at the service that you are requesting them from to see where you are at in the item’s queue.



Q. Can I make copies of documents for unemployment purposes?

A. No, The Library is only open for curbside pickup at this time.



Q. Can you scan and send something for me for unemployment purposes?

A. No, The Library is only open for curbside pickup at this time.


Q. Can I use the computer for unemployment?

A. No, The Library is only open for curbside pickup.


Q. Can I print something from my phone in your building during curbside pickup?

A. No, The Library is only open for curbside pickup.


Q. Can you print me an IRS form?

Yes, we will print the requested IRS forms for free at this time.


Q. Is there someone to help me with my computer?

A. We will be able to help troubleshoot problems with Overdrive and Libby.


Q. What is your Wi-Fi Password?

A. You should be able to select the Birchard Public Library from our parking lots.  You will not be prompted for a password when choosing the connection.


Q. Will you have programs for people to attend?

A. Only virtual programs remain for the time being.  You can check our web site,, or our social media outlets to see upcoming programs.