Operating Levy FAQ




The Birchard Public Library of Sandusky County has a levy renewal on the November 3, 2020 ballot.


1.  What is the library operating levy renewal?  The levy renewal is a 1 mill, 5-year operating levy to cover current expenses of the library.  This is a renewal, not a new tax.


2.  Why does the library need a local levy?  The operating levy provides 37% of funding for the Birchard Public Library.  (Another 57 % of funding comes from the Public Library Fund, State of Ohio. The remaining 6% of funding comes from other sources, including, grants, fees, interest, gifts, etc. Statistics from year 2019.)


3.  How much does the levy cost the average homeowner?  The levy costs $2.63 a month ($31.50 a year) for the owner of a home valued at $100,000.   (Figures from Sandusky County Auditor, 7-23-2020)


4.  How is the money generated by the levy used?  The money pays for day-to-day operating expenses to maintain current programs, services, and collections.


5.  What will happen if the levy does not pass?  Reductions in staff, hours of operation, book purchases, and other services would be necessary at all four locations in order to maintain minimal operations.


6.  What is the state of the library’s budget?  With the combination of funding from the State of Ohio and the local operating levy, the library currently is able to meet all financial obligations. 


7.  Does the library use grants and gifts to help with expenses?  The library uses grants and gifts when available.  Unfortunately, grants are not available to cover day-to-day operating expenses.


8.  Do I get to vote on the Birchard Library levy?  If you live in any of the following areas, you are served by the Birchard Public Library and the levy renewal will be on your ballot:

  • Fremont City School District
  • Gibsonburg Exempted Village School District (portion in Sandusky County)
  • Lakota Local School District (portion in Sandusky County)
  • Margaretta Local School District (portion in Sandusky County)
  • Old Fort Local School District (portion in Sandusky County)
  • Woodmore Local School District (portion in Sandusky County)
  • Village of Green Springs
  • Clyde-Green Springs School District (portion in Seneca County)

The rest of Sandusky and Seneca Counties are served by other library districts.


9.  Why is it called Birchard Public Library?  Sardis Birchard, the uncle of President Rutherford B. Hayes, donated the money to start the library in the 1870s.  The library is named after Sardis Birchard.  Birchard Public Library of Sandusky County now has four locations, including Fremont, Gibsonburg, Green Springs, and Woodville. 


10.  How is the levy campaign funded?  The levy campaign is paid for entirely by donations from citizens, local groups, and local businesses. Contributions to the levy campaign are not tax deductible.  Public money from the library budget cannot be used to fund the levy campaign.



Source URL: https://birchard.org/content/operating-levy-faq